Universities in the U.S. attract international students for many reasons. The statistics say that over 50 education degrees in the U.S. At the time of applying for a student visa, most international students are question the top 10 reasons why international choose U.S. colleges and universities:

Why Study in USA ?     

Excellent Academics
The U.S. provides some of world’s finest higher education, especially in the field of technology. U.S. degree to be one of the best in the world.
The U.S. is the right choice for research professionals. There are man opportunities to do research in any sponsored by the U.S. Government or by corporations. Also, many companies provide projects for the study experience during their studies. Most of the research students receive waivers for their tuition fees and in some of their living expenses.
Flexibility in Course Curriculum
While most programs are structured very well, students also have the option to choose many other subjects emphasize and narrow down topics of specific interest in their field of study. Sometimes students may even  studies.
Financial Assistance
Financial assistance is normally provided to international students, because pursuing higher education in their support the international students either in the form of providing teaching or research assistantships. These ask financial need. Awarded students will receive stipends, or either partial or complete tuition waivers. U.S. education exhibits exceptional skills in his or her field of study. Students also have the opportunity to receive grants, loans.
Work Programs
Most of the universities allow students to work on their campus as either part-time or full-time employees. They and their earnings help to cover thir cost of living. Students are placed bsed on their financial need and personal at the university library, while someone who has a Lifeguard certification may be placed at the campus Aquatic Center

Quality Features ?

Students are allowed to work in their respective fields outside the campus for approximately three months programs during the academic year as well. Internships are a valuable part of education, as they help students universities offer academic credit for internship experience.
Job Opportunities
Once students complete their degree, they are authorized to work for one year in a related field, in order to full-time (40 hours per week) by applying for an Optional Practical Training Employment Authorization (OPTEA) employee after their OPT, b getting an H1B work visa sponsorship from their employers. H1B is a temporary occupation like Software, Engineering, Teaching, Accounting, or Marketing. Students may continue their work with approval.
Reorganization of International Students
U.S. universities provide extraordinary support to international students. Every university in the U.S. that involves and guides these students from the very first day.
Cultural Exchange
Apart from education, international students get to interact with students from various countries and diversity enables the international students to become world-class professionals, once they complete their education
The success of any student will be directly proportional to the amount of dedication and hard work he or she quality of education. The variety of skills and cross-culture environment can make the learning experience in U.S. academic and cultural backgrounds, international students are better prepared for working with absolute ease any time.